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So close and yet so different from Paris, Normandy has fascinated the artists through the ages. It was particularly honoured in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to great writers such as Guy de Maupassant, Gustave Flaubert, Maurice Leblanc etc...

It was a major source of inspiration for numerous impressionist painters who appreciated the striking landscapes, the variations of the light and the sky so changeable and the beaches favourite places for the "high society" meeting of that time. How could we not evoke the skies painted by Eugène Boudin, beaches, Claude Monet's "cathedrals" and the important work of the master of Giverny.

These painters, born between 1830 and 1842, chose to turn the back on academia and turn their to interest to the world surrounding them rather than in the mythological or antique scenes which were fashionable at that time. So They painted scenes of the daily life, the street, the country side etc... With the advent of the railway, Normandy and its coast became even closer to Paris.

Leaving their studios to paint outdoors, impressionists were charmed by the Norman light and painted Honfleur, Etretat's cliffs, valley of the Seine etc... Claude Monet's painting of 1873 "Impression of a rising sun" was moreover painted in Havre and gave its name to this new art school.

Visit of Giverny (house and gardens)
In 1883 looking trough the window panes of a train, Monet discovered the country side surrounding Vernon. He began by renting what was to become a symbol in the history of the Impressionism, Giverny house. Later through the recognition of his work, he was able to buy the house and enlarge the gardens. He lived to Giverny till his death in 1926.
Numerous personalities came to visit the master who rarely left Giverny . He found his growing gardens more attractive and in the surrounding country side a source of inexhaustible inspiration. He painted the famous series of "Nymphéas" and dozens of other canvases at this time.

The beginning of Monet's celebrity begins with an exhibition in the United States which impresses the press as well as of young American artists. Some come to visit the master to Giverny who agree receiving them at first. But in front of the number of these young artists, he becomes more suspicious. These young people, of good family for the greater part, find accommodation in Giverny's village.

Literary Walk in Rouen

The historic capital of Normandy saw the rising of numerous writers (Corneille, Gustave Flaubert, Maurice Leblanc etc...). It also became a source of inspiration for numerous painters such as Monet, Pissaro, Van Gogh etc... I invite you on a literary walk in the footsteps of Emma Bovary through the picturesque streets. We will also show you the breath taking landscapes painted by illustrious impressionist artists.

Commented Visit to impressionists rooms at the Rouen Fine Art's Museum.

Fine Art's Museum of Rouen is one of the richest in province, therefore you will only visit the impressionist rooms. Rouen houses only one of the Monet's painting, one of the "cathedrals" but it is also the proud owner of a important collection of impressionists works.


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