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Falaise :

This small town is William the Conqueror's birthplace. You will visit the medieval castle which is overlooking the city and the fountain where the duke Richard would have first seen Arlette.

He was struck by her beauty and desired her. Arlette's father let her decide for herself. She entered in the castle over the drawbridge. "When Nature had reached her term, Arlette bore a son who was named William".

Caen :

The William the Conqueror's city. It's now the capital of the Lower Normandy (Basse Normandie). The medieval castel was began by William the Conqueror in the 1060's.

On each side of it, you will find the Ladie's and the Men's abbeys founded by William and his wife, Mathilda. Despite of the bombing raids in 1944. The city still has a beautiful old district and many green spaces.

Bayeux :

It was the first liberated city (7 june 1944) and not damaged during the war. The old houses of the pedestrian precint are still standing.

The city is very famous thanks to the Tapistery describing the conquest of England (1066) housed in a beautiful 18h century building and its cathedral built on William the Conqueror's time on his half-brother orders.


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